Thank you for choosing Home Venting Solutions to cater to your rangehood installation and home venting needs.

Home Venting Solutions take lots of pride in not only installing your kitchen Range Hood but knowing you’re getting the best performance from it. We would love to share some information on how to care for your range hood, and some simple health and safety tips for you and your family whilst cooking.

Reasons for Rangehood maintenance

It is recommended that Range hood filters should be cleaned no less than every 4 weeks of cooking use to eliminate fat and cooking bi-products, fat build-up increases fire hazards in the case of flame curl from cooking, keeping filters clean also  minimises the attractant to rodents inside and out of your appliance and to maximums performance of your range hood reducing smoke and cooking gases from your household.

Range hood maintenance procedures

Filter maintenance

To maintain your range hood’s filters simply wash them in warm soapy water some filters may be able to be placed in your dishwasher, always refer to your uses manual to seek guidelines on maintenance to care for your range hood.  

Cleaning above the rangehood

Whilst keeping the internals of your range hood clean is very important it is just as important to clean the exterior of your range hood also to eliminate the attractants of rodents and to minimise discolouration to stainless steel and glass materials. This can be achieved with simply using a damp soapy cloth with a grease-cutting soap and simply wiping any grease build-up of the rang hood being careful not to wet any electrical switches or buttons etc, once dry we recommend using a stainless-steel cleaner/protector such as Hillmark Steel Kleen to not only to clean your range hoods exterior but to protect it.