Home Venting Solutions Supply External / Offboard Rangehood DIY Venting Kits

‘Home Venting Solutions have designed custom built colour coded roof flumes for off-board motor systems such as Schweigen, Falmac and Whispair. No need for rubber boot systems, simply mount the motor directly on the flume. Great for rangehood installers, plumbers or home owners looking for the modern long lasting venting solution.

Venting Kits for Rangehood Roof Motors 

Home Venting Solutions have created a number of roof kits to provide a simple solution for the installation of a range of external/offboard roof mounted motors.  The kits can be used as part of the construction process for new/existing builds and manage the venting requirements in line with each supplier specifications.

Each kit comes complete with a custom metal pan flashing and flume for tin roofs (manufactured from 0.8 zinc metal for strength and durability) or a lead flashing (with soldered 0.8 Galvanised flume pipe) for tile roofs.  The kits also include fixings, duct, heat rated silicon and installation instructions and can be used to manage on roof motors for Australia’s leading rangehood brands such as Schweigen, Falmec and Whispair.

Our Kit is aligned with both the bushfire regulations and building codes and our focus when we design and fabricate each of our vents is to ensure we do not impact on exhaust performance.  Further to this, our Kits are designed to withstand salt and other corrosive elements often found in coastal areas.

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kitchen canopy rangehoods
kitchen canopy rangehoods

DIY Venting Kit Materials

Designed and fabricated in Australia using both the Colorbond range and 316 stainless steel materials, Home Venting Solutions products are made to withstand the toughest conditions.

DIY Venting Kit Colours

Available in terracotta, black and stainless steel for traditional tiled roofs as well as 12 standard Colorbond colours.  Additionally, our vents can be custom made should you need a colour outside of our standard range.

The Future of Roof Vents is Here

Professional Rangehood Installation with the correct Venting Methods.