With all the recent bush fires happening all across the country it is important we all understand how ember attack on a house works.

Many house fires around burning bush are not actually caused by direct flame contact in most cases they are caused by floating ember attack, as the embers are drawn in the house by openings  (especially the roof cover) as there may be vacuum pressure around roof vents, as the air follows the path through the vents and out window or gaps in the home drawing the hot embers into the internal part of the house.


Building in bush fire prone areas require the need to follow standards that help to protect your home in case of a bushfire, the Australian Standards AS 3959 divides bushfire prone areas into six bushfire attack levels (BAL), based on the severity of the building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact:


According to AS3959–2009, an ember guard is “a cover inserted in or over an opening or cavity to prevent the entry of burning embers”.

Ember guards are commonly made from a metal mesh with a maximum aperture (hole size) of 2mm.

Generally speaking, ember guards are used to cover areas around your home where there are gaps greater than 3mm. This helps to defend your home against ember attack by preventing embers from gaining entry to your home such as standard style roof flumes/vents.

current techniques to follow these regulations involve inserting a mesh inside of standard roof flumes/vents this then blocks the airflow of home exhausts appliances up to 70%, reducing their effectiveness and increasing the cost of running these appliances.


Here at Home Venting Solutions we have gone a few steps further to not only solve issue with ember attack on your home, but we have created a product that does this without having a negative impact on your exhaust appliances, such as kitchen and BBQ range hoods and ceiling exhausts fans, our Dragon Vent Wall, Eave and Roof Venting range are constructed to meet all bushfire housing codes whilst being a restriction-free vent, allowing your home venting appliances to perform at 100% efficiency also reducing the load on motors as there is no backpressure in the system meaning a longer lifetime and lowering energy costs for the consumer!