BBQ Rangehood Tin Roof – Supply

Home Venting Solutions offers a one stop service in BBQ rangehood package deals, providing you with the path forward to complete your new BBQ rangehood installation dreams.

Rangehood supply and installation coupled with the use of the best ventilation systems on offer and all designed and manufactured in Perth W.A by Dragon Vents Australia.  Our venting solutions have been specifically designed and tested in line with the required outputs of modern-day BBQ rangehoods. Home Venting Solutions have focussed on the performance of the rangehood as well as ensuring all our venting products can be installed in bushfire areas from BAL 12.5 to FZ .  Our vents also stop flies and rodents entering the rangehood system eliminating unhygienic breeding grounds around food areas.

Our friendly skilled staff can show you our range of rangehood and venting products in our showroom located at 5/21 Delage St, Joondalup.  We will take you through the various options and talk through each system, how it works and the benefits you will receive with your new BBQ package.

We can also send our BBQ rangehoods and venting packages to all states of Australia – enquire now.


  • Supply 1200mm Technika Stainless Steel Alfresco BBQ Rangehood
  • Supply of 2 x DV280 HI flow BAL rated roof vents colour coded to corrugated tin roof cover
  • 150 Aluminium core heat rated Flexi ducting
  • Freight to be advised