Dragon DV-ARK (Tin Roof)

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The DV-ARK roof flume is specifically designed for the DIY market and is available for use with a wide range of rangehood supplier external motor sizes.

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The DV-ARK roof flume is specifically designed for the DIY market.  This universal product is quicker, easier and safer to install than existing DIY rubber boot type systems on the market.  The DV-ARK is commonly used on corrugated tin roofs and an ideal choice for new or established homes where modern kitchens or BBQ rangehoods are installed.

The metal pan flashing and industry standard 150mm flume pipe are manufactured from .6 zinc metal for strength, aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality. There are fingers on top of the pan to stop water pooling which meet Australian Standards and fingers on the bottom to meet Bushfire Regulations (AS-3959).

When used in conjunction with our DV-150 Hi Flow vents the benefits of using this product include:

  • Designed specifically for Kitchen/BBQ rangehoods and ceiling exhaust fans up to 1200m3h;
  • Meets manufacturers performance levels of rangehoods;
  • Stops flies and vermin entering the home;
  • Can be used in coastal regions;
  • The DV-ARK is manufactured for 20-, 25- and 30-degree tin roofs (special orders can be requested if roof pitch differs);
  • 100% Australian made with Australian materials for Australian conditions.

The DV-ARK contains:

  • 1 x metal pan;
  • 1 x flume pipe;
  • All parts pre-drilled for easy assembly on the ground before installing on the roof;
  • Quality Sikaflex-400 fire (fire resistant) sealant is supplied with each vent as standard;
  • 3 meters of rangehood flexi ducting supplied as standard;

Colour Variations:

  • The DV-ARK comes in standard Colorbond variations as well as stainless steel;
  • The Metal pan and flume pipe can be easily painted if required;
  • Special orders for colour variations are available;

Vent Options:

  • The DV-AKK kit includes a DV-150 which is BAL rated (12.5 – 40) for bushfire regions, manages pest exclusion, etc;
  • An aluminium cap option is also available, noting that this option is:
    • Not BAL compliant;
    • Not designed for high powered (>700m3h) rangehoods;
    • May allow rain through to the flume in certain circumstances;
    • May allow pests to gain entry to the flume.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 28 cm

Features & Benefits

Benefits of DV-150 Roof Vents

  • Keeps flies and vermin from entering the home via the roof vent
  • Compliant to AS3959. Bushfire Attack Level BAL 12.5 – BAL 40
  • DI.Y friendly
  • Tested up to 1100 M3/h
  • Easily maintained.
  • Accessories available: Ducting and one-way damper valves.