Dragon DV-280-T Dual Outlet Tin Roof

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The DV-280-T is used on corrugated tin roofs and has two 120mm inlets which cater for two exhaust appliances i.e. two kitchen rangehoods or two ceiling fans.

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The DV-280-T Hi Flow exhaust roof vent is suitable for corrugated tin roof applications and installed with kitchen, BBQ rangehoods and ceiling exhaust fans.  The DV-280-T is ideal if you need to vent two co-located side outlet ceiling exhaust fans (for example a side by side toilet and bathroom) and you have a corrugated tin roof. With a much lower profile these vents are a popular choice when building any home and can also be used in Category D cyclone regions and bushfire regions (BAL 12.5 to BAL 40 and BAL FZ for steel frame homes).

Great for roofs with solar panels as unlike the old style ‘mushroom’ roof vents the DV-280 won’t stain your solar panels with house hold effluents (i.e. cooking fat molecules, lint…etc). Testing has shown that these pollutants can reduce solar efficacy by up to 15%.

The slim line design makes this vent both architecturally and aesthetically aligned with modern home values and design requirements. The DV-280-T is also recognised as the go-to vent for those building green star efficient homes with the added feature of an internal non-return gate which stops any back draft entering the home. The Ember mesh will also stop the egress of flies and unwanted rodents into a home via roof venting.

Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 46 × 11 cm

Features & Benefits

Benefits of DV-280 Roof Vents

  • Stops entry of flies and unwanted pests entering the home via roof vents
  • Compliant to AS3959. Bushfire Attack Level BAL 12.5 – BAL 40
  • Tested to 1000 m3/h of airflow
  • Twin inlet design to cater for two exhaust appliances
  • Energy Efficient. The Internal gravity gate—Stops Hot and cold air returning into the home
  • Pushes air away from the roof cover not down preventing staining of roof cover and solar panels.
  • Made from Australian colour bond and 316 stainless steel 2 mm mesh.
  • Made in Australia for the Australian climate
  • Low profile design
  • Easily maintained.
  • Rated to a category D cyclone rating