Dragon EV-200 Eaves Vents

$175.00 Ex Gst

The EV-200 is a single spigot eaves vent designed for all kitchen rangehoods and bathroom/toilet ceiling exhaust fans. Suitable for all homes with eaves and engineered to meet AS3959: BAL 12.5 – BAL 40.

The EV200 lowers the pressure of the exhaust system, minimising restriction and creating optimal air flow with less noise. Being an enclosed vent, the EV-200 also stops flies, vermin and bushfire embers entering the house.

Great for homes with solar panels as there is no need for roof penetrations.

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The Dragon EV-200 Eaves Vent is single inlet vent installed on the underside of the eaves of your home and they are great for venting kitchen rangehoods or a ceiling exhaust fan.
The slim line design makes this vent both architecturally and aesthetically aligned with modern home values and design requirements. The EV-200 is also recognised as the go-to vent for Energy efficient homes.

Additional information

Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 30.7 × 24.5 × 13.5 cm

Features & Benefits

Protects the home under Bush fire attack.
Bush fire embers can carry in the wind for kilometres. The design of all Dragon venting systems stops the embers entering the home and the only product fitted with Bush fire mesh that enhances the air flow rather than restricting the air flow like the standard mush room style roof vents which are not designed to be retro-fitted with bushfire mesh or perforated holes.

Increases Solar cell efficiency.

The Dragon Eaves and wall vents eliminate the need for roof vents to be used when solar panels are installed on new homes.

Solar power is a fast-growing industry and the panels are fitted around existing roof vents on all established and new homes.

It is estimated that the average oven and rangehood deposits 4.5 litres of cooking fat into the atmosphere every year. This can lead to stained, messy and unhygienic food preparation surfaces. A rangehood will ensure your cooking area remains healthier and cleaner.

The roof vents being supplied to the industry exhaust the household cooking fats and effluents directly down on the roof and covers solar panels with cooking effluents.

Dirty solar panels reduce the power efficiency by 5 to 10 %. Grease can only be removed with detergents which is specifically stated a product that cannot be used to clean the glass on the panels.

Solar panels can have the dust removed by rain or a garden hose but cooking fats cannot.

Over a five-year period over 20 liters of cooking fats will coat the solar panels and roof cover creating an inefficient power system for the consumer caused by cheaply made, badly designed and ineffective and non-conforming roof vents. ( AS6118)

Energy Efficient
Energy efficient housing is the future of the building industry and moving forward the Dragon venting systems is the perfect option to lead the way in efficient and hygienic household venting for the modern home.

Hygienic ventilation.
As there is no restriction to the exhaust system, there is less chance of mould breeding. (especially in the wet areas of the house. Our products solve the mould problem which has been prevalent in the industry for years.

Optimises exhaust performance to meet the Manufacturer’s warranty.
Dragon venting products have less restriction to airflow created by high volume/pressure from an exhaust fan. (less noise more suction) The unique design actually lowers the power usage for the consumer, therefore adding longevity to the exhaust appliance.

Solves warranty issues for the home Homeowner.
The Housing industry does not realise that only the rangehood is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and not the ducting and roof vent.
85 % of complaints by consumers who are not satisfied with the suction and noisy rangehoods are charged a call out fee between $ 100 and $ 150 by Service agents, only to be told it’s the restriction of roof vent causing the problem and not the rangehood. The consumer then must spend more money to correct the problem caused by the industry being supplied with cheaply made, badly designed and ineffective and non-conforming roof vents. ( AS6118)

Stylish design and easily maintained.
Low slimline profile and aesthetically discrete design.

Cost-effective for Builders and Consumers.
Our products are on par, cost-wise with replacing ineffective venting products currently supplied to the industry. The industry and consumers will have an efficient venting system that actually works and save money for the Builders and specifically, their after-sales maintenance departments and the consumer will benefit the most with an energy-efficient stylish venting system.


  • White
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom powder coated colours available on request