Kitchen Rangehood

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The Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

Home Venting Solutions have installed over 120,000 rangehoods of every type, size and style across Perth, Peel and the greater south west.

We have installers across the greater Perth region and can install your rangehood (and associated venting products) via our standard install service or in emergencies, we can be with you in as little as 24 hours.

We provide service and support across a range of builds including large scale developments, single builds and home renovators looking for a kitchen or BBQ rangehood installation.

We use quality ducting along with our Hi Flow roof, wall & eaves Dragon Vents for all projects and provide a 12-month installation warranty for each of our installations.

Kitchen Canopy Rangehoods

Kitchen Canopy rangehoods, or wall-mounted rangehoods, are the most popular style of rangehood in use. They do not require cabinetry to disguise the internal mechanisms and thus can often be a feature of the kitchen when chosen and installed well.  We install every brand and model of canopy rangehood, along with the ducting and venting necessary to ensure and an efficient extraction system in your kitchen.

We complete every part of the installation, from ducting and venting, pre-installation for tiled/glass splashbacks through to the mounting of the unit in the kitchen, so no other service or trade is needed in addition to ours.

Kitchen Island Rangehoods

Where cooktops and ovens are installed in a kitchen Island, the rangehood must descend from the ceiling above. Island rangehoods can provide a striking feature in a build, as the island bench is often central to a space, and therefore so is the island rangehood.

A quality installation is therefore extremely important where the unit is to be displayed so prominently. Home Venting Solutions can install every brand of island rangehood, along with the ducting and venting required to complete the for rangehood installation in this manner. We have a great deal of experience in installing and ducting these units to provide a seamless finish and an effectively functioning unit.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To revolutionise venting systems in Australia and give every customer a purpose built rangehood exhaust vent system that will enhance the efficiency of their chosen kitchen or BBQ rangehood.

Why: At Home Venting Solutions we place an emphasis on the safety of your family, which is the reason we focus on improving the efficiency of both indoor and outdoor rangehoods.

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