Live Your Aussie Dream with our BBQ Rangehoods

Australian life is so much about the outdoors, and undeniably about the barbecue. The best accessory to this touchstone of our culture is a specially designed outdoor rangehoods that can draw out the particulate matter of a barbecue, so the ash, grease and smoke of grilling does not disturb the comfort of the space. These are particularly useful in outdoor areas that are somewhat enclosed, such as in smaller patios or enclosed alfresco. It is a huge benefit to an alfresco area to be able to have a classic Australian barbecue but exclude the smoke and fumes.

Home Venting Solutions is an experienced installer of barbecue rangehoods. We understand the benefits of a dedicated venting solution for an outdoor setting, and we have years of experience installing these units. We complete every aspect of installation, providing efficient ducting and venting for the unit to function at its best. We offer a complete venting solution, so no other tradesperson is required for a fully functioning rangehood. We also provide the same 12-month installation warranty on our barbecue installations as we do on our indoor kitchen installations, and we can install any model of rangehood in a configuration that suits the build.

Canopy BBQ Rangehood

As with indoor rangehoods, outdoor canopy rangehoods may be wall-mounted or top-mounted over an island, depending on the placement of the barbecue. These units are generally larger than the fixed rangehoods, and they tend to produce a more consistent result. Home Venting Solutions can install any canopy rangehood and the required ducting during the build process.