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Are you experiencing poor airflow or noises from your kitchen or BBQ rangehood?
These are some of the common signs that your rangehood is need of service. At Home Venting Solutions, we specialise in installing quality rangehoods and providing services to ensure your units operate as smoothly as possible. With 20 years of experience in the industry, this shows our commitment to our customers from homes to commercial installations.

Our team of highly skilled technicians can help solve just about any issue you may be experiencing with your kitchen or BBQ rangehood. As a rule of thumb, regular cleaning in and around your rangehood guarantees that it will operate at its best, however there may be further issues that will require service. Check out our rangehood care and maintenance tips here.

Is the regular cleaning not cutting it and your rangehood isn’t quite performing right? Other common faults we find during service include:

• Poor suction from the rangehood motors.
• Incorrect venting methods.
• Excessive noise when the rangehood is in use.
• Fat and grease build up in and around the rangehood and ducting.
• Insects and rodents found inside the rangehood and venting.
• Incorrect installation of the rangehood and existing/old vents and ducting.

If you suspect any of these issues after maintaining your rangehood, we highly recommend scheduling a service with our team. If left too late, this could become costly further down the track.

Did You Know?
Poor rangehood performance is usually related to the standard vent on your roof that was originally designed for a ceiling exhaust fan. When modern-day kitchen rangehoods operate from 700m3h up to 1000m3h, these standard vents cannot keep up with the flow, which then leads to restricted airflow. This restriction creates further problems such as noise, poor suction leading to fat build-up and vibration from the excessive load on the motors.

Ensuring that your venting system is compatible with your rangehood is key when it comes to operational success. As well as our expertise in professional rangehood installations, Home Venting Solutions also engineer and fabricate Hi-Flow venting products for kitchen and BBQ rangehoods.
Our unique range of patented Hi-Flow Rangehood Dragon Vents have the added benefits of 316 stainless steel bushfire mesh and are made from Australian materials. These vents not only offer an appealing design and lasting quality but are also built to withstand the many factors contributing to issues in today’s industry.

If you need a service for your kitchen or BBQ rangehood or require an update to your home venting system, contact us today! Home Venting Solutions are happy to assist with all product enquiries and offer free quoting.