Home Venting Through Your Eaves

The Dragon EV-200 (single) and EV-400 (twin) eaves vents allow you to expel your rangehood and/or ceiling fan(s) to air without needing to have a vent installed on your roof.  You can use the EV-200 to vent a single fan (for example) or if you have two co-located fans or a rangehood with twin motors, you can use the EV-400 double vent installation.

With easy access for the ongoing maintenance of your vent, the eaves vent range continues to be the go-to vent for both homeowners and builders across Australia.

If you are looking for a brand that thinks outside the box, with products that are innovative and made to suit your modern home, you cannot go past Home Venting Solutions range of eaves vents.

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eave vents installation

Dragon EV-200 Eaves Vents

The Dragon EV-200 eaves vent is a single inlet vent installed on the underside of the eaves of your home and is great for venting kitchen rangehoods or a ceiling exhaust fan.

    EV-400 Eaves Vents

    The EV-400 Eaves Vent is dual outlet vent, which is installed on the underside of the eaves of your home. The great advantage of the EV-400 is that there can be two appliances vented through the one vent (such as a toilet fan and a shower fan) due to the unique diverter plate between the two outlets in the vent that stops any cross contamination of air from the two sources.

    Why Should You Use Eaves Vents

    • Our eaves vents are manufactured in Australia (to AS3959) and are designed and tested to meet the extraction pressure requirements of all ceiling and kitchen exhaust systems;
    • If you live in a Bushfire Zone, our vents are the only vents on the market that are bushfire compliant (BAL 12.5 – BAL 40);
    • Smart looking and discrete, our eaves vents fit the aesthetics of both modern and existing homes;
    • When all your exhaust fans are vented through an eaves, there is no need for roof penetrations;

    Eaves venting is the perfect solution if you are considering installing solar panels on your new or existing home. Please see our benefits and gallery pages for more information and images of our venting solutions.


    The Benefits Of A Dragon Vent Solution

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