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Welcome To Home Venting Solutions

Home Venting Solutions and Dragon Vents Australia is your one-stop-shop for all your home venting and rangehood installation needs. With 20 years of experience installing and venting rangehoods in Western Australia we are committed to supplying the highest quality, modern and innovative venting products to the industry. 

With extensive industry experience you can trust Home Venting Solutions to not only professionally install your rangehood but ensure the efficiency of the appliance, using our very own range of Hi-Flow bushfire rated Roof, Eaves, and Wall venting systems manufactured by Dragon Vents Australia.

We have extensive knowledge on the application of venting solution in both the bushfire and building standards and are always here to help.  Please call one of our friendly staff who will assist you with your queries or contact the team via email (https://www.homeventingsolutions.com.au/contact/).

Our Rangehood Installation Service

Home Venting Solutions strive to deliver the best installation services to both homeowners and building companies across the Perth, Peel and the Southwest regions of Western Australia.
We install all makes and models of kitchen and BBQ rangehoods (including off-board motor systems) and we can supply a variety of rangehoods to the West Australian market (including Airvolution and Technica models).

Our Venting Product Solutions 

Dragon Vents Australia manufacture our own patented venting products in Australia, tested by some of the largest venting companies in the world.  Our Hi-Flow roof, wall and eaves vents are designed to meet both standard and high volume rangehoods available in today’s market and are CSIRO certified in line with Australian Bushfire Regulations (BAL 12.5 – BAL 40).

Our friendly staff will not only advise you on the correct venting system to manage your requirements but can show you personally (in our Perth based showroom) the process from rangehood through to vent – the end-to-end solution.  This allows you to understand the system, how it works and the benefits you will receive with your purchase.

Our Rangehood Service Technicians 

Dragon Vents Australia leads the way in rangehood servicing in Western Australia.  We are the go to service technicians for Schweigen, Sirius and Whispair to name a few of the brands we support.  If you are having issues with your appliance (e.g. electrical, mechanical, lights, switches, noise, etc) call us today and we can resolve the majority of issues with a site visit – book us in!

HVS Strategic Partnerships 

Home Venting Solutions work with a number of partners that support our rangehood and venting solutions across Australia.  These include Rangehood Installation services in Sydney (www.sydneyrangehoods.com.au) and BBQ cleaning services in Perth (www.bbqsaa.com.au).

Visit Home Venting Solutions Today!

Home Venting Solutions have a brand-new showroom at Unit 5-21 Delage Street, Joondalup, Perth, WA offering service and advice on the correct rangehood venting and installation methods for your home!

venting products

Hi-Flow Venting Products

Home Venting Solutions offer a full range of Hi-Flow Roof, Wall and Eaves vents to meet BAL 12.5 – BAL 40 and FZ bushfire regulations.

rangehood installations

Rangehood Installations Perth

Home Venting Solutions offer a complete rangehood installation service including  kitchen, BBQ and alfresco options (and we can provide advise on venting your system if needed).

18+ Years Of Top Quality Rangehood Installations and Home Venting Solutions

18+ years of rangehood installations led us to find the solution to many performance problems we have found when installing kitchen and BBQ rangehoods and ceiling exhaust fans in the everyday home!

Our range of Dragon Vents have been engineered to significantly increase the airflow of your appliances so they perform at optimum levels.  This then reduces motor noise (typically from backpressure) and lowers the load on motors, bringing energy costs down and reducing premature wear and tear on moving parts and circuit boards.

Our full range of wall, eaves and roof venting products are made here in Western Australia using 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh, Australian zinc and Colorbond.  Created as an enclosed mesh protected vent with a bushfire rating of BAL 12.5 -> BAL 40, our vents will work towards safeguarding your home from floating ember attack in the case of a bushfire.   Our vents also provide a front line to keep unwanted pests, such as flies, vermin and mice from entering your home via the roof to keep your home safe and healthy for you and your family.

An example of our innovative design is the DV-280 Dragon Roof Vent.  The vent has a much lower profile than standard mushroom style vents meaning you can maintain the pleasing aesthetics of your home, without compromising on efficiency or safety. Another feature of the DV280 model is the unique gravity non-return gate inside the vent which shuts out entry to warm or cold draught’s entering the home, excellent for homeowners and builders that wish to achieve green star ratings on their designs.

All Dragon Vents can be installed in new builds or retro-fitted to replace older, less efficient units. We have a range of DIY kits available that come with fitment instructions included and videos can be found on our website to assist with the correct installation procedures.


The Future Of Home Venting Is Here

Contact us today if you would like the Dragon Vent to improve your home!

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