BBQ Rangehood Installation

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Live Your Aussie Dream With Our BBQ Rangehoods

Australian life is so much about the outdoors, and undeniably about the Barbeque. The best accessory to this touchstone of our culture is a specially designed outdoor rangehood that can draw out the particulate matter of a Barbeque, so the ash, grease and smoke of grilling does not disturb the comfort of the space. These are particularly useful in outdoor areas that are somewhat enclosed, such as in smaller patios or enclosed alfresco. It is a huge benefit to an alfresco area to be able to have a classic Australian Barbeque but exclude the smoke and fumes.

Home Venting Solutions are experienced installers of Barbeque rangehoods. We understand the benefits of a dedicated venting solution for an outdoor setting, and we have years of experience installing these units. We complete every aspect of installation, providing efficient ducting and venting for the unit to function at its best. We offer a complete venting solution, so no other tradesperson is required for a fully functioning rangehood. We also provide the same 12-month installation warranty on our Barbeque installations as we do on our indoor kitchen installations, and we can install any model of rangehood in a configuration that suits the build.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A rangehood is essential and highly recommended for all kitchen and barbecue cooking to exhaust smoke, oils, and other cooking by products. Improved air quality protects the health of your friends and family and prevents staining in your home.

Installing any rangehood requires a trained professional. For example, if a kitchen rangehood was to fall off a wall and land on hot cooking equipment it could lead to serious injury. Some BBQ rangehoods can be up to 80kg and sometimes require strengthening the wall to accommodate the additional weight. Additionally, without the installation being completed by a trained professional you are at risk of voiding your warranty on the appliance. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff.

Rangehoods are installed in many different ways depending on the application. Some rangehoods called island or roof mounted canopies hang from the ceiling, whilst other rangehoods are inserted into the cabinets or mounted on the wall, with the latter being the most common. It is always best to get our trained professionals to install your rangehood to ensure it’s not only installed correctly but vented correctly too.

Rangehood height requirements depend on the type of cooktop you have.

Electric Cooktops: Regulations state rangehoods should be installed no less than 600 mm above the cooktop.

Gas Cooktops: The minimum required height is 650mm, however we recommend 750mm.

BBQ Rangehoods: A height of no less than 1200mm is required from rangehood filters to the cooktop surface according to Energy Safety regulation standards.

Rangehood heights are created in case of a fire on a cooktop stove or barbecue to prevent fire spreading to the rangehood. Keep in mind some brands of rangehoods also have a maximum performance height. It is always best to talk to one of our professionals about your type of rangehood and the application to determine the correct height.

Our Mission

Our Mission: To revolutionise venting systems in Australia and give every customer a purpose built rangehood exhaust vent system that will enhance the efficiency of their chosen kitchen or BBQ rangehood.

Why: At Home Venting Solutions we place an emphasis on the safety of your family, which is the reason we focus on improving the efficiency of both indoor and outdoor rangehoods.

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