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Wall Venting Systems for Your Home

Home Venting Solutions have created an innovative single and dual outlet wall vent range to provide homeowners and builders the option to vent their appliances horizontally. Our wall vents are specifically designed to provide a functional alternative for two story homes where ‘above slabs’ don’t allow access for traditional roof venting.  We also use wall vents when roofs are not accessible for standard venting options (i.e., no tie down points for an installer to rig too, >30 deg roof pitch, no eaves, etc).

As part of the design parameters, the HVS wall vents ensure the airflow of both kitchen and BBQ rangehoods are managed to the manufacturers specifications and by using the Wall vent dual outlet, you can vent a dual motored rangehood through to the one vent.  The same dual Wall vent can be used to vent two ceiling fans (bathroom/toilet combination) and for single venting requirements (i.e., one toilet fan), our single wall vent is the industry go to product.

Our wall vents are manufactured in Western Australia with high-quality materials including 316 stainless steel 2mm mesh and are designed and tested to meet the Australian bushfire and cyclone regulations.  Another major benefit of using the Dragon wall vents is their ability to stop unwanted flies, insects, and larger pests (i.e., mice and rats) from entering your home.

If you are designing your home now, talk to our sales team here at HVS and find out how and where you would include our wall vents in your design!

Hi Flow  Wall Vent: WV-D Dual 150mm out lets for Ceiling exhaust fans.

The WV-D Hi-Flow 150mm dual outlet wall vent caters for two exhaust fans, fully enclosed with 2.0 mm perforated stainless steel to keep out flies and vermin without affecting the performance of the system.  The WV-D  Wall Vent can be fitted to all types of brickwork and rendered external walls.

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Dragon Wall Vent: WV-S 150mm  Single Inlet

The WV-S Dragon Wall Vent is a 150mm single outlet wall vent which can cater for either a single motor Rangehood or a ceiling exhaust fan.  Fully enclosed with 304 stainless steel 2mm mesh to keep out flies and vermin without affecting the performance of the system, the WV-S can be fitted on all types of brickwork and rendered external walls.

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Why Should You Use Wall Vents?

  • Our wall vents are manufactured in Australia (to AS3959) and are designed and tested to meet the extraction pressure requirements of all ceiling and kitchen exhaust systems;
  • If you live in a Bushfire Zone, our vents are the only vents on the market that are CSIRO Certified for bushfire (BAL 12.5 – BAL 40) AS3959
  • Smart looking and discrete, our wall vents fit the aesthetics of both modern and existing homes;
  • When all your exhaust fans are vented through a wall, there is no need for roof penetrations;

Wall venting is the perfect solution if you need to vent a two story home and have drop ceilings (suspended slab) … ask your builder about the options available and have a look through our benefits and gallery pages for more information on this and our many other venting solutions.

The Benefits Of A Dragon Vent Solution

Protects the home from all insects and vermin

Our Mission

Our Mission: To revolutionise venting systems in Australia and give every customer a purpose built rangehood exhaust vent system that will enhance the efficiency of their chosen kitchen or BBQ rangehood.

Why: At Home Venting Solutions we place an emphasis on the safety of your family, which is the reason we focus on improving the efficiency of both indoor and outdoor rangehoods.

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