Evolution of Dragon Vents

 Tim Daly formed Custom Rangehoods in 2004 to meet the need for a quality rangehood installation service in the midst of the West Australian resources boom. The business grew quickly and employed a fulltime office manager and 6 rangehood installers by 2009.

Custom Rangehoods now has two admin staff and 8 installers and has matured into a well-respected and reliable company, supplying its service to 70% of the project builders here in Perth. With the strength in our experience of installing rangehoods and our length of service, it has been an exciting time for us as we have been designing and manufacturing the Dragon Vent system to introduce to the Perth market.

In September 2016, the final prototype was independently wind tunnel tested in cyclonic conditions, and found to be watertight. Now knowing we had a product that not only overcome air, water and pest intrusion, compliant bush fire regulation, B.A.L 12.5 – BAL 40 (bushfire attack level) , doing all this with a much more aesthetic appeal on the roof than the standard mushroom type roof vent. We branded this new roof vent, Dragon DV 280 .

A year later after many Dragon DV 280 installs, our range Dragon Venting systems was sent to Schneider Clipsal for testing with their CEF40WE exhaust fan. With very good results the Dragon Roof, Wall and Eaves vent got the tick of approval to use with two CEF40WE exhaust fans.

dragon vents installation perth

One of Home Venting Solutions largest milestones in 2017 with the Dragon DV 280 roof vent, was supplying R.B.D Building with over 90 Dragon vents to be fitted to homes effected by a Hailstorm in East and West of Kalgoorlie in the town of Kambalda. We now have continuing work with R.B.D on future builds and other companies such as BGC, Impressions Homes, Dale Alcock homes to name a few, also the Dragon DV 280 roof vent being a part of an award-winning home built by Ryan Coles homes who focuses on energy efficient builds.

2018 was a very inspiring year for Dragon Vents Australia, when we took our products to the next phase and came up with new concepts and patented designs for a full range of Roof, Wall and Eave vents, same as the original Dragon DV 280 Roof Vent, built to B.A.L 40 rating and still designed to optimise the performance of the rangehood or extraction appliance. The range of vents we now have available are single and dual 150mm outlet Wall vents, meaning two appliances are able to be connected to the one vent, also a range of flush mounted Eave vents with dual outlets same concept ducting 2 extraction appliances from the one vent or using one side for an appliance and one side for general airflow to the roof space. This concept is perfect for roof space air extraction vent as it allows fresh air through the eaves and pushes the warm air to the top of the roof towards the ridge vent.

To further our progress and achievements throughout 2018 Dragon Vents Australia are now the main supplier of custom-made B.A.L kits for Schweigen 1600 external motors to meet BAL regulations, with extensive flow testing.

We shall continue to keep striving to correct the issues we see today with home venting, pest intrusion and B.A.L regulations whilst simplifying the industry and keeping consumers happier safer and households a healthier place to cook and live in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise roof exhaust vent systems in Australia and give the end consumer the privilege of having a purposely built rangehood exhaust vent system installed that will enhance the efficiency of their chosen kitchen or BBQ rangehood. At Home Venting Solutions we place an emphasis on the safety of your family, which is one of the reasons we started to look at improving the efficiency of both indoor and outdoor rangehoods.