Bush Fire Rated Vents

Bush fires are a constant and increasing threat for not only rural Australian homes and businesses but even homes around large parks or coastal shrubs.

Fires are increasing in frequency and severity, and it is a concern for many that their homes are equipped to withstand as much punishment as possible in the event of ember attack caused by a bushfire.

This is especially true in rural Western Australia NSW and Victoria, where fires are common and highly destructive.

Not only is this a matter of keeping the home safe, but it is also a matter of reducing insurance premiums and liabilities in the event of a fire.


bushfire compliant vents
dragon vent bushfire compliant

The Dragon Vent – Bushfire Safe Vents Built For Australian Conditions

The CSIRO assiduously tests all products that are designed and used in Australia for fire defense and prevention, allowing builders and consumers to appropriately select materials and products that suit the fire threat level of their environment. The rating system in use with the Australian Standards code is the BAL – Bushfire attack level. The levels range from BAL Low 12.5, where the property is not expected to face any fire threat, up to BAL FZ or Flame Zone, where the property is in imminent and consistent danger of facing flames, embers and heat. The CSIRO advises that locations rated BAL FZ are ill-suited for construction.

The Dragon Venting Products are compliant from BAL 12.5- BAL40, which is the rating directly below Flame Zone. This means the Dragon Vent systems can be used at any location that the CSIRO has deemed fit for human occupation with regards to fire threat. The Dragon Venting product range helps to protect your home from fire danger by withstanding the high heats of a fire and excluding and minimizing the entry of embers into your home, which prevent the seeds of a fire from being sewn. If you need bushfire compliance in your home, the Dragon Vent is a very good solution.

Protect Your Home, Protect Your Family

Installing Dragon Vents in your rural/suburban home is a crucial part of creating a bushfire compliant home. A safe home has no weak spots, and the Dragon will ensure your venting system does not become a pathway for disaster.

At Home Venting Solutions we are very conscious of the value and importance of bushfire compliance, and we know that Dragon Vents are one of the only venting products brands on the market that can offer you this level of defence and performance. We want you to feel safe in your home, so we offer this high quality, high value product for our clients. This is a product that gives an invaluable return on investment.

Get in touch with Home Venting Solutions today to discuss Dragon Venting systems as a defence for your home.

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