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Rangehood Venting Through Your Eaves

The EV-200 150mm Hi-Flow single eaves vent connects to a rangehood or ceiling fan and our EV-400 150mm Hi-Flow dual eaves vent will connect to two ceiling exhaust fans without the need to have vents installed on your roof.

With easy access for the ongoing maintenance of your vent, the eaves vent range continues to be the go-to vent for both homeowners and builders across Australia.

If you are looking for a brand that thinks outside the box, with products that are innovative and made to suit your modern home, you cannot go past Home Venting Solutions range of eaves vents.

 EV-200 Hi-Flow Eaves Vent

The EV-200 eaves vent is a single 150mm vent installed on the underside of the eaves of your home and is great for venting kitchen rangehoods or a ceiling exhaust fan.

 EV-400 Hi-Flow Eaves Vent

The EV-400 Hi-Flow 150mm double eaves vent is used for exhausting two ceiling exhaust fans through a single vent. Engineered to meet AS3959: BAL 12.5 – BAL 40, the EV-400 lowers the pressure of the exhaust system, minimising restriction and creating optimal air flow with less noise. There is a unique divider plate fitted between the outlets inside the vent that stops cross contamination from the toilet and bathroom fans.  Being an enclosed vent, the EV-400 also stops flies, vermin and bushfire embers entering the house via this vent.

Home Venting Solutions are the trusted name in supplying Universal Eaves venting solutions across Australia.

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Our Mission

Our Mission: To revolutionise venting systems in Australia and give every customer a purpose built rangehood exhaust vent system that will enhance the efficiency of their chosen kitchen or BBQ rangehood.

Why: At Home Venting Solutions we place an emphasis on the safety of your family, which is the reason we focus on improving the efficiency of both indoor and outdoor rangehoods.

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