There are so many benefits when owning a Dragon Vent, such as getting maximum performance out of your kitchen and BBQ rangehoods which lowers the noise output and vibration of you appliance, whilst closing the entry path to vermin such as flies, bees, mice entering your home keeping your cooking areas more Hygienic, as well as hot/cold air entering the home lowing energy costs.

The Dragon Vent is Great for roofs with solar panels as the Dragon Vent exhausts contaminates away from the roof cover not down like mushroom-style vents resulting in staining, with a Slimline design focuses on not spoiling the aesthetics of the home.

Constructed with a removable 316 stainless steel mesh that can be cleaned or just simply clean with a garden hose from the ground.

Able to eliminate up to 4 mushroom style vents of a roof and be plumbed all into the one vent.

Rated to B.A.L 40 for bushfire attack level development areas regulations.
Proudly Hand Built in Perth W.A from Australian ColorBond and 316 marine grade stainless steel.