mushroom styled roof vents
dragon vents

Flies are a big problem in Australia the 2mm stainless steel mesh on the vent completely cuts off entry points to the house, thus prohibiting, flies, bees, vermin and fire embers from entering the house. 

It is the only high flow vent on the market that meets the requirements of range hoods.

The Dragon Vent’s unique gravity valve stops cold air returning into the system, thus preventing oxidisation to parts, components and wiring control panels.

Maintenance is easy and safe with the easy to clean mesh safely from the ground with a garden hose.

Exhausts foul air and it’s contaminants upwards away from the roof cover to avoid staining.

The low slim-lined profile and discreet design allow the vent to be installed directly above the hood anywhere on the roof without spoiling the aesthetics of the house.

Independently wind tunnel tested in cyclonic (125 km/h) conditions. Designed for coastal and harsh climate conditions.

Designed for standard corrugated tin & tile roofs. Roof colour matching available for tin roofs.

Receive up to 50% more airflow performance which allows the rangehood to function at optimum levels.

Also designed for ceiling exhaust systems also, so you can utilise the sleek design for a whole-house roof venting solution.