Purchase A Dragon Eaves Vent

The Dragon EV-200 single eaves vent is a single inlet vent installed on the underside of the eaves of your home and they are great for venting a kitchen rangehood or a ceiling exhaust fan.  Bushfire and cyclone tested for Australian conditions this is a great product if you don’t want roof penetrations and is easily maintainable if needed.

The Dragon EV-400 double eaves vent is used for exhausting two appliances through a single vent. Engineered to meet AS3959: BAL 12.5 – BAL 40, the EV-400 lowers the pressure of the exhaust system, minimising restriction and creating optimal air flow with less noise. Being an enclosed vent, the EV-400 also stops flies, vermin and bushfire embers entering the house.

The Future of Roof Vents is Here

Professional Rangehood Installation with the correct Venting Methods.