With winter now here in Perth, we are seeing more storm damage to roofs and roof vents. Problems like damaged ceilings from rain and debris entering through perished standard roof vents are very common.

Your home can suffer long term unseen damage from broken or blocked roof ventilation or missing components that allow water to enter your home. This can lead to rot and mould developing.

Why does this occur?

Standard style mushroom roof vents consist of only three pop rivets holding the storm cap onto the flume pipe. With wind, rain and salt air the area around the rivets corrodes allowing the storm cap to blow off in high wind. This leaves your home, ceilings and electrical appliances susceptible to water damage or allowing debris or animals to enter the vents. Organising a roof inspection after a storm to see if your vents where affected can stop further damage before it’s too late.

How can you tell if your Roof Vents have been damaged?

This problem can be identified when you have water marks or mould on the celling inside your home or if a bathroom/toilet exhaust fan has stopped working. We can inspect your roof vents to check that the storm caps are still attached.

Our Products

Our venting products have been tested and rated to a cyclonic rating D and are constructed with Australian Colourbond and 316 stainless steel for maximum protection against corrosion and the Australian climate.

Feel free to call one of our friendly staff for more information or to organise a roof vent inspection.