The selection of your rangehood roof vent may sound like a trip down to the local plumbing or hardware store, pick one off the shelves and do it yourself or have a licenced plumber install it for you. In fact, there is a lot to consider when doing this, so these are some of the questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Does this vent cater for the power of my rangehood?
  2. What materials is the vent made from and does consist of rubber and other perishable materials?
  3. Where is the vent made and does it fit the conditions it will be used in?
  4. What kind of leak protections does it have to protect my rangehood and home?
  5. Does it fit the regulations and my requirements, things like bushfire areas?
  6. Does it keep out rodents and unwanted pests out of my home and rangehood?
  7. Is it the right colour for my roof?

These are all relative factors that Home Venting solutions have overcome for you with our rangehood vents by Dragon Vents Australia

  • Hi-flow to suit all rangehood power outputs.
  • Australian made for Australian climate with no perishable materials.
  • No joins relying on silicone for water prevention.
  • Meshed enclosed vent stopping unwanted pests and rodents from entering the range hood and home.
  • Meets all bushfire and regulation requirements
  • Colour coded to your roof cover.

These are some of the examples of roof vents used for modern-day kitchen and BBQ rangehoods, which are not up to the task in terms of flow capabilities, qualities for the Australian climate, and do not meet Bushfire regulations.

Here are some examples of rangehood vents specifically engineered for kitchen and BBQ rangehoods, built by Dragon Vents Australia.

Follow the link below for more information or speak to one of our friendly staff to assist on the correct vent for your rangehood and home.