Most people use their kitchen every day, even multiple times a day which means there are significant amounts of air pollution being released. A kitchen needs some sort of ventilation to filter out the smoke, grease, moisture, and odours generated by cooking. It is almost impossible to prevent these pollutants from getting into your kitchen if you do not install a quality rangehood. 

Home Venting Solutions offer a variety of canopy or island rangehoods that can be installed in almost any kitchen to filter out pollutants. Our team of experienced professionals can complete every part of the installation. We are able to offer all aspects of ducting, ventilation, tiled/glass splashbacks, and mounting the kitchen unit, so no other trade or service is needed.

Air Filtration

Rangehoods keep air pollutants and gas from entering your cooking space, saving your family and you from being exposed to them. With a rangehood, dirty air is pulled out of the kitchen and transported outdoors by a fan or blower. Any pollutants are thus removed, including those from cooking and heating. The result is that the kitchen’s air is clean and devoid of harmful substances. It also means bad smells are also less prone to form.

Kitchens without a range hood have insufficient ventilation, which can be harmful, especially with gas cookers, since carbon monoxide can build up in the room. Carbon monoxide can cause serious health concerns in the long run so it’s important to use a rangehood so you aren’t breathing in harmful carbon monoxide fumes.

Keep Mould and Pests Out 

Rangehoods don’t just remove contaminated air and pollutants, they also keep unwanted guests and grime out of the kitchen. Flies and other insects as well as small rats and mice have been known to climb through standard mushroom vent openings and breed within the ducts or filters of the rangehood. Home Venting Solutions Dragon Vents solve this problem! With our enclosed stainless steel mesh nothing but air can get through keeping any vermin permanently out of your kitchen.

Corrosion or mould build up is also a common issue with rangehoods. Many homeowners do not even notice a problem until there is visible damage. Excessive wind or high salt content near coastal areas can also lead to excessive corrosion. With our Dragon Vents you can rest assured with the highest quality materials, 316 marine grade stainless steel and powder coated galvanised steel protecting you from corrosion and mould. 

Heat Removal

Kitchen appliances produce a great deal of heat. Depending on what you are cooking, hot smoke or heat from an open flame will rise and eventually fill the kitchen if you don’t have an adequate rangehood installed. Not only will this make the kitchen uncomfortably hot it will damage walls as well as other appliances and could also result in nearby smoke alarms being needlessly set off. With a rangehood this heat is expelled from the kitchen keeping you comfortable and safe. 

In places that are of a high bushfire risk installing a rangehood could drastically improve a home’s ability to withstand nearby bushfires. Embers from a bushfire can travel in the wind for up to 3km! These embers often enter homes through their rangehood ventilation leading to a potentially uncontrollable fire. Home Venting Solutions Dragon Vents adhere to Australian Bushfire Standards and contain a metal mesh that stops any embers from entering. This drastically lessens the chance of your home being affected by nearby bushfires. 


At Home Venting Solutions we have a huge variety of rangehoods in stylish, sleek designs that won’t diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our Dragon Vents come in slimline, low profile options that are stylish without compromising on airflow. We also have vents that integrate nicely with solar panels or gutters. The value of your house is also directly affected by any additions or changes you make to it. So when it comes time to sell a high-quality kitchen rangehood can be a major selling point. 

The benefits of using a rangehood in the kitchen far outweigh the detriments of not having one. Superior air filtration to keep your kitchen safe and odour-free, the ability to keep vermin, mould and corrosion away from your kitchen as well as heat removal, fire safety and not having to compromise your home’s aesthetics are among the many advantages of using a rangehood. If you are interested in getting one or updating your home’s current rangehood contact the team at Home Venting Solutions today!