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For Kitchen/BBQ Rangehoods and Ceiling Exhaust Fans

Welcome to our range of innovative roof, eaves, and wall Dragon Vents.

Dragon Vents Australia have created a vent to suit every venting need and situation inline with the Australian bushfire regulations and building codes.  Our design team have focused on ensuring our products don’t impact the performance of the appliances you are venting but enhance their outputs.

Our vents have been tested by some of the largest global extraction appliance companies and the Dragon Vent range continues to be promoted and supported by manufacturers around Australia.  With our focus on improving both homes and multi-tenanted dwellings (for example, aged care facilities), we continue to be the go-to venting supplier in Australasia.

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What are Dragon Vents?

Dragon Vents are vents specifically designed for the rangehoods and ceiling exhaust fans of today.

The Dragon Vent product range includes roof, eaves and wall vent designs creating a solution for every style of home.
Our Dragon Vents have been tested to withstand Australian climate whether it is salt, heat, strong wind, or rain – making them great for bushfire prone and coastal areas.  And if your home needs that discrete look (without standard mushroom style vents protruding from the roof cover) out vents are the solution you need.
All our range of venting products keep flies, insects, vermin and pests from entering the home and are designed and fabricated to meet BAL ratings of 12.5 to BAL 40 and BAL FZ for steel frame roofs.  The Dragon Vents are the only vents on the market to achieve all of this and still deliver an increased flow of the air extraction of your appliance.

Why Dragon Vents?

We now have a solution for every style of home with our complete range of roof, eaves and wall Dragon Vent products supplied to both homeowners and the Australian Building industry.

Our customer base includes:

  • Every day homeowners looking for a Dragon Vent or kit for better airflow for an existing or new kitchen rangehood or BBQ rangehood;
  • Homeowners looking to improve the durability to their homes using secure, durable and watertight venting methods;
  • Customers looking for ways to stop flies and other pests entering their rangehoods and home via their standard roof vents;
  • Homeowners living in bushfire-prone areas needing to upgrade their home with vents that meet Australian bushfire regulations;
  • Architects and Builders looking for innovative ways to improve the aesthetics of their designs and achieve a high level of green and environmental ratings for their clients.

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All Dragon Vents from Home Venting Solutions can be installed in new home builds, or retrofitted to replace older, less efficient units in existing homes.

We have also made all our different kits DIY friendly with fitment instructions in the kits and all you need to self-install your HVS vent. 
Every home is different, with different aesthetics and requirements, but one thing we know for sure is that your modern home deserves a modern roof vent.
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Roof Ventilation Systems For Rangehoods and Exhausts Fans 

Dragon Vents Australia is leading the way to creating better rangehood performance, and has built a roof vent system that is authorised by the CSIRO to BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level)

  • The only high flow vent on the market that meets the requirements of rangehoods.
  • Designed for standard corrugated tin & tile roofs.
  • Maintainable by simply washing with a garden hose safely from the ground.
  • Stops Vermin from entering the home.

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Reasons to choose Home Venting Solutions

home venting solutions

Greater Air Flow 50%

home venting solutions

Reduce Noise, Smoke & Steam

star rates 4.9/5 Star rating from all service operated in midst of the West Australian

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