Dragon Vents

The Future of Rangehood venting

Dragon Vents

The Future of Rangehood venting

Home Roof Ventilation Systems For Rangehoods and Exhausts

Over the past 15 years, Tim Daly has identified many issues with the standard mushroom roof vents and the effects they have on the performance of kitchen and BBQ rangehoods, These mushroom style vents were originally only designed for exhausting standard ceiling fans in the early part of the 20th century. Mushroom roof vents have not changed to meet the increased air pressure requirements of modern exhaust systems.

In 2015 Tim designed a totally different type of exhaust roof vent. A prototype was made and connected to a common brand of rangehood with fantastic results.

What are Dragon Vents?

Dragon Vents are specifically designed for rangehoods and ceiling fans of today, with a solution for every style of home.
Our Dragon Vent products come in roof, eave and wall styles; with our products being supplied direct to you, the consumer, as well as home building companies in WA.

Why Dragon Vents?

We now have a solution for every style of home with our complete range of Roof, eave and wall Dragon Vent vent products supplied to homeowners and the Australian Building industry.

Our happy customer base are the likes of

  • Every day homeowners looking for a Dragon Vent or kit for better airflow for an existing or new kitchen rangehood or BBQ rangehood.
  • Customers looking for ways to stop flies and other pests entering there rangehoods and home via there standard roof vents.
  • Homeowners living in bushfire-prone areas liking to upgrade their home to Bushfire regulated vents.
  • Architects and Australian builders looking for innovative ways to improve the aesthetics of their designs and achieve the ratings the desire.

What are the Benefits of Dragon Vents?

Keep Out Flies and Other Insects

Flies are a major issue in Australia and even a bigger issue when they are finding their way down into your cooking areas. Over our 20 years’ experience installing rangehoods we have seen many issues with blowflies breeding in flexi-duct and in most cases finding their way down through the motor and ending up on top of filters directly above the food cooking station., scientists have discovered that flies carry more diseases than suspected,

The house fly and the blowfly together harbour more than 600 different bacteria, according to a DNA analysis. Many are linked with human infections, including stomach bugs, blood poisoning and pneumonia.

The Dragon Vent range of vents is all enclosed meshed vents to cut off entry to flies and other insects but have been designed not to impact the flow and performance of kitchen /BBQ rangehoods and ceiling fans.

Helps Prevent Corrosion and Mould Build-Up

Corrosion on standard vents and mould build up on roof covers are a very common problem, often not finding the problem until a leak has caused major damage inside the roof space or burnt-out ceiling exhorts fans.

Areas that suffer from excessive wind and coastal areas with high salt content in the air lead to excessive corrosion and damage to standard roof vents.

The Dragon Vent products have been manufactured using the highest quality materials such as 316 marine grade stainless steel and powder coated galvanised steel all screws supplied with our kits feature rubber washers to lower the potential for corrosion.

Meets Bushfire Regulations

Many house fires around burning bush are not actually caused by direct flame contact in most cases they are caused by floating ember attack, as the embers are drawn in the house by openings (especially the roof cover) as there may be vacuum pressure around roof vents, as the air follows the path through the vents and out window or gaps in the home drawing the hot embers into the internal part of the house.

Building in bush fire prone areas require the need to follow standards that help to protect your home in case of a bushfire the Australian Standards AS 3959 divides bushfire prone areas into six bushfire attack levels (BAL), based on the severity of the building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact:

• BAL-LOW – very low risk
• BAL-12.5 – low risk
• BAL-19 -moderate risk
• BAL-29 -high risk
• BAL-40 -very high risk
• BAL-FZ -extreme risk (Flame Zone)

All Dragon vent products are constructed to comply to AS3959 to a bushfire rating from BAL 12.5 to BAL 40 to reduce the risk of damage to your home in case of a bushfire, engineered not to have a negative impact on the performance of your appliances.

Solar Panel Friendly

Over two million homes in Australia now have solar panels and that rate is set to climb over the upcoming years. Solar panels are growing in popularity because they are great for the environment and save you money, all the while powering your home. But like most products, solar panels work at their peak when they are clean.

Standard roof vents push air and bi-products down towards the roof cover, which often leaves solar panels covered in cooking effluents and in turn attracts dust and particles that lower the energy efficiency of the systems.

Dragon Vents range have been designed to be solar panel friendly, allowing the air to be exhausted in an upwards direction away from the roof, which reduced reduce the level of particle build-up and contaminants on roof covers and solar panels.

Slimline Low Profile

The DV-280 Dragon Vent was made to be low and profile not like standard vents that can spoil the aesthetics of the home.
Without compromising airflow, the DV-280 Dragon Vent has been constructed to sit below solar panels and gutter height once installed.

High Flow

The unique design of the dragon vent range has all been designed with the flow as the main priority in different ways, allowing kitchen and BBQ rangehoods to not only run with less motor noise but allow rangehoods to achieve their desired flow rates and help achieve their standards.

What Are You Waiting For? Contact Home Venting Solutions Today!

All Dragon Vents from Home Venting Solutions can be installed in new home builds, or retrofitted to replace older, less efficient units in existing homes.

We have also made all our different kits DIY friendly, with fitment instructions in the kits and videos found on our website.

Contact us today for a quote on an installation or a DIY kit for your home!

Roof Ventilation Systems For Rangehoods and Exhausts

Dragon Vents Australia is leading the way to creating better rangehood performance, and has built a roof vent system that is authorised by the CSIRO to BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level)

  • The only high flow vent on the market that meets the requirements of rangehoods.
  • Designed for standard corrugated tin & tile roofs.
  • Maintainable by simply washing with a garden hose safely from the ground.
  • Stops Vermin from entering the home.

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Greater Air Flow 50%

Reduce Noise, Smoke & Steam

4.9/5 Star rating from all service operated in midst of the West Australian

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